1114 Brass

50mm double turn full brass SS keys

“Little.” Little point is very obedient, stretched Auction silver jewelry ring out two small hands, close your mouth, whole body constantly force, hold back the little face are red flutter.
“Hum” sound, his palm appeared a bright, emerge out of a strange text, like a metal casting, Avoidsliver jewelry necklace with a metallic luster and texture, and soon the other hand also appeared.
Small point before walking two steps, Avoid silver jewelry pendant will be a taller than he blossom hold up.
“Really powerful!” A group of Avoid silver jewelry earring children exclaimed, that is a one-year-old little guy, how can move up such a piece of stone?
“Little do you use the strength of the milk will be used out of it?” Big children tease him. Avoid silver jewelry bracelet
“Little babe, sat down on the ground, heartless smile, very pure, and the palm of the hand of the runes are quickly dim, disappear.”
“Grandpa grandfather, this silver jewelry earring
is your more than ten years to study the mysterious bone strength?” A group Avoid silver jewelry ring of children eyes shine, and the recent lack of interest is completely different look.
“Excitement, these can only lead you on the Bargainsliver jewelry necklace road only, than the ancient legend of the days of bone is far worse.” The old man nodded his head, and shook his head.
“Grandpa grandfather told us about the outside world.” Bargain silver jewelry pendant A group of children showing the color of hope.
Stone village all know that the old family had Bargain silver jewelry earring a young village with a dozen strong people to the distant end of the earth, in the outside battles.
But ten years ago, only two people covered with blood back, one of them did not take long to die, only Shi Yunfeng a person survived.
In the past few years he has been studying the mysterious bone, from time Bargain silver jewelry bracelet to time to the village of strong people to do the test, these children know that their strong, such as the tiger’s fathers are called each time in the stone hospital will Bargain silver jewelry ring be issued array Array of howling howling, so that these children had a premature conflict and awe.
Until the study of the old patriarch in recent years to ease down, it is not how the village people afraid. Moreover, Bargainsliver jewelry necklace Benefit that eat a hundred beasts and hundreds Bargain silver jewelry pendant Benefit of rice grow up a small point by his adoption, and become the best research candidates.
“The outside world ah … …” the old man showing the color of memories, a burst of God and then said: “The world is too big, vast expanse, from one domain to another domain at millions of miles, no one knows how really a broad, People walking on a walk can not walk out of a domain, the vast expanse of endless. Terran between different regions is difficult to communicate between, because it is too dangerous, the earth tyrannical species, terrible and mysterious, even if hundreds of thousands of people Tribal or magnificent giant city, may also be destroyed in a few days by a few ancestors of the Pacific, of course, there are powerful to unimaginable human, comparable Bargain silver jewelry earring Benefit to other species of great combat power, divinity, can be called Terran heaven. “
A group of children in awe, but also very yearning for Bargain silver jewelry bracelet Benefit the unknown world is curious, it was asked: “There are mountains between the earth can make people Bargain silver jewelry ring Benefit
overnight reborn and the immortal Bestsliver jewelry necklace online
medicine, the most powerful Tianjiao people how Best silver jewelry pendant online
great power and influence “
The old man laughed and said: “If you want Best silver jewelry earring online
to know, let yourself tiffanysilver jewelry bracelet
be strong first.”
“If we master the mysterious power of the bones, Best silver jewelry bracelet online
you can go to the world through the domain?” Best silver jewelry ring online
Some children Budgetsliver jewelry necklace Build
reveal the vision of the color.
Shi Yunfeng touched a child’s head, said: Budget silver jewelry pendant Build
“Do not say that the other areas, that is, our domain, if there are odd people can cross half of the Budget silver jewelry earring Build
territory on the incredible! tiffanysilver jewelry earring
All the children are in a daze.

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